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Feb 13, 2019

Who is getting sick of this non-stop river of bullshit like I am? I've seen and been a victim of fake news a lot in the past, but it has been an all-out assault on Ripple and XRP lately, and we all know why..


Fear that after all this time, Ripple will be successful, customers will start using ODL (On-Demand Liquidity), the first real-world widespread use of utility in a token will manifest, not in Bitcoin, not in Ethereum, but in the form of XRP, as regular people in Mexico and the Philippines benefit from what has been exclusively a first-world Hi-Tech novelty, until this day.

And yet despite this utopia-like progression of human technology, economics and sociology, there are those that would seek to destroy and debase that progress. I won't even bother dignifying their efforts by providing links or names of relevant examples of today's FUDsters because fake news is a perpetual endemic issue that will just keep coming. But what I will do is show you how to fight back.

First though, you need to understand why fake news exist. What motivates someone to outright lie and spin facts in order to foment a FUD piece?


That's it. None of these journalists have any other underlying motivation than just money. Whether it be directly through their advertising on the actual article they produce, or whether it be to protect their holdings that they have in other coins, their motivations can usually be traced to some form of greed.

Seems so many supposed “journalists” these days have no concept of journalistic integrity, in fact I'd be hesitant to call them journalists. Real journalists strive to find that neutral middle ground where all sides are accounted for and presented, and a truly balanced perspective is delivered. In stark contrast to this, if you read anything that's biased at all, then that's simply tabloid sensationalism disguised as journalism. And it's all for one purpose, and one alone: advertising

There is no community quite like the #xrpcommunity. There's literally a million Twitter followers, unparalleled, and we all have the same fervent religiosity to our beloved XRP. Unfortunately, this love is our Achilles heel. It's virtually effortless for an author to write a FUD piece and drive tens of thousands of hits to that page because of the predictable hostile reaction of the XRP community herd.

The authors don't care that they've pissed us off, no, in fact that's what they want to do. Triggering us practically guarantees a massive rush of hits to their web page. All they care about is that they put advertising in front of our eyes, and they collect revenue from that.

Virtually every example I've seen of FUD articles, is laden with advertising. This, my friends, is “their” Achilles heel. I want to introduce you to a concept that for certain will empower us with the ability to root canal their motivations, rendering their efficacy the near zero. I call it the..


Let's turn our weakness into a strength. When someone publishes garbage that unjustly slights XRP, let's crowdsource such a potent reaction, sending every single last one of our community to FUD articles to CLICK ON EVERY SINGLE AD (but don't purchase the product of course), that invariably the sponsors of that advertising will realize that they're paying a lot of money for tens of thousands of empty clicks. We need to shatter this business model so that fake FUD news can no longer be profitable, and sponsors will run for the hills from anything that maligns XRP unfairly.

How do we do this?

Simple, first, before we attack, let's have an honest discussion to determine the legitimacy of the article. We have to be honest and fair because the mere fact that we may not like the information doesn't mean it's meant with malicious intent. In other words, if it's bad news, but legitimate, then we have to accept that. It's only if it's malicious fake news that we should attack.

Get that through your fucking head, we must not set ourselves up as an insane religious group of nutjobs on a perpetual witch-hunt. We can be much better than that, and the better we are at that, the more appeal will have to those that are still yet to be enlightened in the virtues of XRP, and the better XRP will do, and the sooner ODL will become viable for larger business use cases. In other words, less nut job, more role model.

So, once we come across a FUD article, we need to build a consensus (wink) amongst ourselves first that a click-bomb attack is justified, and only then do we launch an assault. Don't call an attack until there's enough input from others.

Now some of you might be saying, well this attack doesn't make any sense because we're just giving click-through revenue to the FUD authors! Yes, at first, but how long do you think the sponsors are going to put up with paying lots of money to these authors for no resultant sales?

With this attack, we aren't focused on punishing the authors because they are usually scumbags that can't be changed anyway. What we are doing is punishing the advertising companies behind them that reach people via fake news. These are the real hidden psychotic assholes that profit from this blood money. If we take them out, then these other douchebag losers that write the FUD pieces will have to go back to selling dimebags on the street corner.

Let's break this revenue model. We must demand just, accurate, and meaningful reporting, and we have the crowdsourcing potential to make our presence felt. No longer should we tolerate fake news, or sloppy inaccurate click-bait empty articles that literally serve no purpose but to drive click-throughs. Let's Click-Bomb these assholes right out of business.

(Edit: For you doubters out there, here's proof it works)

#clickbomb #xrpcommunity

Bonus round:

If you see a fake copycat Twitter profile pulling the sad typical scams (giveaways, etc.), usually the legitimate Twitter handle has already been blocked by them and they don't know the fake profile is posting on their threads, so it's up to you to let the real handle know this. Reply to that scam tweet with a tweet tagging the real Twitter handle to block the fake, and then report it.

E.g., hey @galgitron, block @galigtron

This way, these psychotic assholes cannot post in the true Twitter handle's threads, sparing much confusion. The option to block is always there, even if they've already blocked you.

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