The Gavel that Changed the World

Jul 25, 2023

Briefly coming out of hermitry to share in this world-changing event, and to conclude my run as Ripple's advocate on a high note. I'm not used to being happy, it feels like a trap, as vivid and alluring as all the other times that it's usually a trap. But, it's not a trap this time. It really isn't.



Did it

The significance of this Ripple versus SEC victory will ONLY reveal its magnitude in the history books after years of hindsight, as clearly demonstrated by the not-surprising post-pump crash, but don't be disappointed by the lack of sustained pump; the Ripple win was just the barn doors opening, the sheep still need to come out, but we all know how herds work.

This wasn't just a battle for 'regulatory clarity', this, at the ultimate base layer, was a battle of the rich versus the poor. The 1% bastards did EVERYTHING they could, pulled EVERY fucking string, manipulated EVERY fucking politician, EVERYTHING possible to prevent Ripple from winning, because this victory means: now we all get to play, and there's not a goddam thing they can do about it.

I repeat.. boom.

All of crypto has to thank Ripple for taking on the giants, like Sisyphus persevering through seemingly impossible odds and futility, right to the invisible finish line. Sure the 1%'ers will push the SEC to appeal the decision over the next couple years, but it's just desperate last gasps, with low chance of success.

And I'm not even just talking about XRP, ALL of crypto breathed a huge sigh of relief knowing that the hammer isn't coming. There will be no repercussions, only innovation. Yes of course the rugpulls and scams that bedevil crypto will continue unabated, perhaps emboldened, but we deserve the right as investors to take those chances, learn our lessons, and have all the same opportunities as anyone else, instead of just those rich bastards that make all the rules so that we're always a step behind.

The greatest shift of wealth in the history of humankind is upon us, and the mile-high reservoir of idle tradFi wealth that's been locked up behind the iron gates of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, is about to pour through as those gates melt. It won't happen overnight because big money, and I mean the real big money, takes a long time to mobilize, but be patient and watch crypto now take over the world.

So what have I been up to for the past couple years you ask? Mostly getting fat. Been eating like a psychopath (cereal killer?). Damn Indian food I tell ya, best thing humanity ever invented after VR porn, though I am sincerely trying to go for the occasional jog to try to stave off type-2 diabetes. Neighbor's dogs always barking at my fat ass when I run by. That shouldn't be legal. I mean, Imagine if every time you went past your neighbor's house, the neighbor would run up to the fence screaming at you, "get the fuck out of here! get the fuck out of here! I'm going to bite you in the ass!" That'd be the biggest fucking asshole in the world wouldn't it? But when a dog does it, it's okay?.. Dogs are assholes.

But the real question you want answered is if I'm making good on my new direction in life since I left the mosh pit of Twitter/X, and yes, I have been let's say, focused. I'll occasionally lurk around on Twitter/X and see what's become of this world, but man, between woke retards, leftist/rightist head cases, covid tinhatters (STILL!), etc., it pushes me back into reclusion every time. I just can't take the widespread mental illness that promulgates like herpes through social media. There has to be a better way.. I try to stay out of view now so I don't get distracted by my insatiable ego's desire to feed off my audience, but admittedly I do often miss the love, so maybe Twitter/X can be good in occasional small doses, like ginger, or bagpipes.

And as I stated in my prior blog post, I want to reinforce that I'm no longer following XRP/Ripple's progress, nor promoting them, but rather evolving towards more generalized "humanist meets technology" motives. I'll continue to be absent for quite some time still as my current focus plays out. Lots and lots of Twitter/X replies and DMs that I'll never have time to answer, so please don't take it personally.

Pulse meter..check, Metallica queued..check, pepper spray..check. Time to get it! Is it technically still a 4-minute mile if I run a quarter mile in a minute? Eh, like I'll ever find out.

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