When Unstoppable Progress Meets Immovable Absurdity

Jan 06, 2021

Is the SEC lawsuit nightmare over yet?..

Ok full confession, a lot of my taking a social-media break had to do with the avalanche of heartbroken XRP investors looking to me to find the right words to make it all ok, like somehow I had the magic balm to soothe the pain and quickly restore faith…

That's not why I'm here

I'm an investor, not a counselor, and an investor has to be emotionally detached from market gyrations. I'm actually quite good at this, and I've been through quite a bit, but I will say this:

Not in a million fucking years did I see this SEC lawsuit coming.

To be sure, I expected something from the SEC at some point, so when I say I didn't see it coming, I'm not referring solely to the notion that the SEC did something. What I am referring to though is, this goddam blasphemy of concentrated Bitcoin maxi circle-jerk anti-Ripple FUD packed into 71 pages of horseshit that the SEC, THE FUCKING SEC, is casually dropping onto the laps of Ripple, after nearly 8 years of standing in the shadows, like some horror-story parent that beats the fucking shit out of their kids when they do things normal kids do.

Holy fucking shit man. Fucking Clayton, Jesus, what the fuck man?? This fucking complaint reads like some fucking high school student's overzealous research project to prove Sasquatch exists. It literally contains every single piece of anti-Ripple FUD I have ever heard in my entire fucking life!

Read that again..

It literally contains every single piece of anti-Ripple FUD I have ever heard in my entire fucking life...


Take a step back with me for a minute. Remove emotion from the equation, let's just look at things from the perspective of.. math. I've spent the past few years fighting anti-XRP gibberish, but it spreads like wildfire and there's no keeping in front of it all..


Imagine if someone neatly packaged all of the anti-XRP FUD into one bag of shit, and brought that steaming pile of shit to a jury, and asked that jury to take a disturbingly long inhalation of that enormous bag of shit, and then decide, finally, conclusively, for the ENTIRE BAG of shit, whether Ripple, can stay in business…

On a brief tangent, oh yes, the markets have certainly signaled their terror in the face of the SEC. Multiple exchanges delisting XRP like snowflake pussies hiding from 3-inch dicks (I'm 4 and a quarter). Large crypto funds selling their XRP holdings onto the backs of retail, etc.

The fallout has been devastating. The very investors the SEC is valiantly claiming to protect, lost incomprehensible wealth in a matter of days under the guise of 'protection' by these goddam fucking imbecile cunts. CUNTS!!

Where the jesus fucking christ were you fucking bastards for the past 8 years?!! Too busy smelling your self-righteous farts to do your fucking job and provide guidance?? Are you enjoying your fucking power play trying to bring fear into the cryptosphere as you buy time for the 1% that you represent, to fully establish a foothold in the new world before you set it free?? Yes, quite obviously, those running the old world see what's coming, and like good puppets, regulators are activating the economic military weaponry to stifle the 'cancer' of wealth redistribution.

And that brings us back to the smoldering Santa Claus magic bag of bottomless shit that Jay Clayton...get this… 'blessed' us with..

Huh?? Whu??

Yes my friends, blessed. You see, I've struggled with trying to reconcile how a complaint from the SEC can be so impossibly ignorant, so embarrassingly removed from reality. The only conclusion that reconciles with reality is:

This is…… the final showdown.

Every fucking chip has been played, it's down to one hand, winner take all. Let's play out the scenarios:


Ripple found guilty on all counts, The SEC complaint taken word for word as gospel truth, Brad goes to jail for raping 5 babysitters (page 82), Larson harakiri's himself in shame, XRP becomes toxic sludge.


Ripple found guilty of initial securities sales, fined heavily, or a similar settlement is reached, but Ripple's incredible legal teams light that shitbag of FUD on fire, XRP deemed no longer a security, relisted everywhere OVERNIGHT, and















Jay Clayton will be the unwanted undeserving clinically-insane facilitator of consolidating a world of anti-XRP FUD into a single bag of shit that a few hopefully-uncorrupt jury members will decide the fate of and in a single tap of a gavel, take that burning bag of shit and force-feed all of it down the throats of every maxi everywhere at the same time. Game over. The tons of FUD weighing on XRP will be destroyed in one fell swoop. THE PRICE OF XRP WILL FUCKING DON'T ASK FOR PREDICTIONS!!

Thank you Jay, I sincerely mean that. I can't honestly be sure if you're just a blithering twat idiot that sold out to banker maxis, or you're this genius legal strategist that foresaw the potential not just for Ripple, but for setting free the technologies that would crush the incumbent system that losing this case would enable, humbly sacrificing yourself to achieve the greater good ya right fuck off.

The whole world is watching. It's sundown, 100 paces apart. Guns at the ready. I sincerely have no idea who's going to die, so place your bets accordingly.

Draw motherfucker.....Draw.

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